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-David's latest at VMSS -
-2012 Race Results for the IOM -
-2011 Can Am Series Results (PDF) -
-Where are they now? -Building an IOM Fin Jig (PDF)
-A Venue with Style at the Big Apple -Graham Bantock on IOM Development - Courtesy: SeahorseMagazine
-Links to YouTube Video coverage of the -IOM Tuning Video - From our friends with Deception Pass Model Yacht Club
-2011 IOM Worlds at West Kirby U.K. -Fitting a ballast bulb to a Fin - Steve Landeau - IOMUSA
-Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 -Preparing for Salt Water - Sailing the Briny Deep - by Barry Fox
-Here is a link to a good picture of Peter Stollery's -
-Britpop at RCgroups -
-Read more about Britpop at Brad Gibson's website -
-YouTube video of John's "SKA" -
-David's "SKA" launch at VMSS -